SSAB launches the most ecological product range for outside constru...

SSAB launches the most ecological product range for outside constructions

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SSAB announced the launching of the most ecological product range of high quality dyed sheet for outside constructions. With a commercial name of GreenCoat this is one of the broadest offers in the whole construction industry.

GreenCoat is the new SSAB brand for innovated and ecological dyed steel products of northern quality made for construction industry. Through this launch of a new range of products the market is provided with a carefully selected assortment of durable, energetically efficient dyed products for roofing, facades and rainwater systems.

Premium steel and bio dye.

SSAB is the pathfinder and innovator when it comes to dyed products for outside constructions with a bio based covering material. Most of GreenCoat products include a bio based technology which means that a big part of the traditionally fossil materials is replaced with a bio based alternative. This unique technology patented by SSAB significantly reduces the effects on environment.

“Our bio based GreenCoat products for roofing, facades and rainwater systems are the only products on the market that have a coating layer with a high level of renewable biological material. We like to say that our products are naturally upgraded, because this coating layer doesn’t only offer ecological advantages but also rises the performance” says the Executive Vice President SSAB Europe within SSAB Group Olavi Huhtala.

The GreenCoat extended range products offer not only bio based coating layer but also energetic efficiency for roofs as well as for facades. They reflect the sunlight and reduce the energy necessary for cooling during summer. GreenCoat products are also available in an extended average lifespan variant, which guarantees the color and gloss maintenance over time.

40 years of tests on a global level in outside environment

The GreenCoat guarantees are based on more than 40 years of experience obtained after tests in real conditions in the outside environment.

Over 10 000 steel panels dyed with GreenCoat were exposed during a whole year to severe weather conditions, including salty water, snow, ice, rain, UV radiation, wind and storms on the west coast of Sweden and Florida. Moreover, GreenCoat materials are tested in regions like Arizona, West India’s, China, Australia and the coast of France.

The northern quality products dyed with GreenCoat are resistant at corrosion, UV radiations and scratches. These advantages offer builders a lighter material compared to alternatives like concrete slabs, moreover, they have a smaller thermal expansion resulting in a reduced bend.

These materials are easy to process even at -15°C and the high quality steel is 100% recyclable. All GreenCoat products are easy to press, bend, cut, punch and shape and they’re available in a large range of attractive colors and textures.

GreenCoat dyed steel products are available directly at our SSAB production and storage units. This way we assure a shorter delivery time and longer relations with clients.

GreenCoat raw material will be used starting June at the making of RoofArt Umbrella metal tile. For more information about terms and characteristics contact the Area Director from your county.