RoofArt launched a metal tile production line. – RoofArt Lithuania

RoofArt launched a metal tile production line.

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After an experience of 15 years in producing and commercializing rainwater collector systems, RoofArt decided to extend its activity domain and invested in the acquisition of a metal tile production line. 6 September 2013 marked the opening of the metal tile Umbrella production line and launch on the market!

Raw material matters – SSAB’s Swedish sheet.

“In order to satisfy the highest requirements of our clients we have an ongoing research politics to improve our products. Without a high quality raw material, we would have been unable to fulfill our plans. That was the reason why we chose to work with the global steel company – SSAB. We tried many other steel sheets but during the production process they were proving to be weak. Our partnership with SSAB makes us proudly affirm that RoofArt products are made according to the highest standards and European norms and instructions concerning environment protection, but most important, it offers a proven warranty to the final client.”, General Director RoofArt Rainwater Systems - Ilarion Ursu.

Tested in the fierce environment of Scandinavia, SSAB’s Prelaq Nova steel sheet which is the raw material of Umbrella Premium metal tiles compiles all the qualities and advantages for laying a long-lasting roof: UV and corrosion protection, excellent gloss and color lasting, scratch proofing, 100°C resistance, slip preventing systems during walking on the roof or handling.

Marcin Parczewski, Sales Manager CEE, says: “SSAB is the leading producer on the global market for high-strength steel. This steel is used in the making of heavy equipment, containers, buses and especially car safety systems. Steel production has a long history in Sweden. SSAB means Swedish Steel Stock Company. We have a vast experience in producing steel and broad knowledge in the production process. The raw material used in the production of rainwater systems is a good example of high quality product, it should be resistant at heavy weights, should be easy to shape and the color should stick a very long time. Almost all producers in Scandinavian peninsula that use steel, choose our product. SSAB maintains partnership relations only with companies that have their standards as high as we do, companies that want to produce at the highest level, that’s why RoofArt Romania is a perfect example of such a company. We started our work together in 2008, 5 years passed since then and I can say that it’s a perfect partnership of provider-client, I saw their products and I can affirm without doubt that they’re of European quality.”

The roof is an umbrella for the house

The name of the metal tile – Umbrella is pretty obvious. “We commercialized rainwater systems until now and it made us consider that it’s time we provide our clients with a “protection element” as well. And what could be more protective than an umbrella during rainy and gloomy days?! The name is easy to remember and we hope that our partners will be open towards the creativity that bloomed out of a product this practical and the launch on the market effect will show in the production volume!” claims the Marketing Specialist RoofArt Romania Maria Moldovan, .

A Romanian product – A full system from the same producer

The mounting of a full roof system from a single producer significantly reduces the risk of technical or esthetical problems (poor combining of the elements, color tone difference, different loss of the color in time or loss of the gloss, mounting or warranty problems etc.).

Umbrella Premium metal tile, produced in Romania starting with September 2013 completes the product range made by RoofArt. Highest quality raw material, high performance equipment and high level trained employees are the ingredients for a long lasting product!

“We chose to acquire a new generation equipment made by a Finnish company with a 44-year experience in the domain. It produced over 860 of metal tile production lines which contributed to an on-going improvement and development of technological processes so the final product meets all the expectations regarding the technology and esthetics” affirms the Chief Engineer of RoofArt Valeriu Cevdar, .

The metal tile Umbrella is available to order starting with September 2013 in different colors through RoofArt’s distributors network.