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RoofArt offers the widest range of rainwater systems in Republic of Moldova. The basic purpose of a rainwater collection system (roof drainage system) is to directed the atmospheric precipitation (rain or snow) from the top of the roof surface towards the soil or the drainage system. A modern system of gutters and pipes keeps the building attractive and protects the facades and basement.

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Rainwater systems RoofArt are provided with all 23 necessary elements 8 of which are complementary. To view the sizes, colors and to order online check the desktop version of the site.

Scandic Color Scandic Galvanized Scandic Copper
Steel sheet country of origin Sweden, SSAB Slovakia, Kosice Greece
Steel sheet thickness min 0.50 mm min 0.50 mm
Zinc layer thickness 275 g/m² 275 g min. 0.50 mm
Overlay GreenCoat RWS
Primer the paint color
Average lifespan 50 years 30 years 500 years
Warranty against corrosion 30 years 10 years
Warranty for color 15 years

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  • Swedish steel

    RoofArt Scandic systems are made out of GreenCoat RWS prepainted sheet produced by SSAB. The sheet is resistant to a wide range of temperature changes starting with -40°C until 100°C. GreenCoat RWS offers UV and scratch protection to the sheet.

  • Centralized production

    RoofArt is the only company in Republic of Moldova that manufactures all the elements of rainwater systems at its factories. It's a product made out of SSAB steel sheet using Macring finnish equipment.

  • Click technology

    The click technology is revolutionary when it comes to mounting rainwater systems. The brackets, the gutter joints and the pipe holders are set with a simple click and can't be unlocked unintentionally. 

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